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Making Matters

Making Matters

Making Matters aims to foster a global dialogue around the topic of circular design. The multi-disciplinary programme explores how principles of the circular economy can be a catalyst for creativity, collaboration and regenerative thinking within architecture, design and fashion practice.

This programme aims to provide a space for an international exchange of knowledge and expertise, exploring how design & making can respond to global environmental challenges to support restorative and alternative futures.

The Making Matters programme acts as a framework for a range of projects - both digital and physical - which focus on four strands;

  • Convening Summits, conferences, global assemblies and events
  • Participatory learningCollaborative design workshops and co-developed tools
  • Co-creationLaunch of creative briefs, design challenges and/or residencies 
  • New LexiconsExploring possible futures for how circular economy is communicated, focusing on the cultural nuances of design language and visual vocabularies around the world

Circular Design Lab

The foundational activity, ‘Circular Design Lab’ is developed in collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Designed to unlock new circular design opportunities through international exchange, a cohort of international practitioners working in different areas of circular practice is invited to meet for a programme of design workshops in the UK. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Design Guide forms the framework for the activity, complemented by a series of exploratory workshops focusing on materials, regenerative thinking and circular design strategies facilitated by UK designers.

Following the lab, the participants can apply for support to develop local projects that involve testing new circular design practice, running creative exchanges, exhibitions, workshops and circular design programming.

This British Council Arts programme was developed as a collaboration between Architecture Design Fashion and Creative Economy divisions.