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Making Matters: Mamy Tall and Matthew Edwards in Conversation

6 October 2020

When heritage and history meet contemporary technology, material possibilities are boundless. Both Matthew and Mamy work with materials specific to their localities; from earth architecture in Senegal, to the development of a contextual materials library in South Africa. Watch this film to discover Matthew and Mamy’s ideas of possible material futures. 

Matthew is an industrial designer from Johannesburg with a background in design for social impact and sustainability. He is currently working on a contextual materials library with a focus on design for repair. Mamy Tall is an Architect based in Senegal and co-founder of Lives, a platform which promotes African destinations alongside food, the arts and culture.

We commissioned this series as part of our Circular Design Labs which we develop in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Both Mamy and Matthew were part of the 2019 cohort.

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