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Making Matters: Maxwell Mutanda and Naa Obeye in Conversation

13 October 2020

In relation to design, the concept of circular economy is still very new. What are the steps needed to take in order to establish a future where circularity can take a hold? Listen in on Maxwell Mutanda and Naa Obeye's conversation, as they discuss how circularity can create and sustain healthier urban environments, livelihoods and personal lives. 

Naa Obeye is a Cultural Entrepreneur based in Ghana, whose belief that the environment and prevailing cultures dramatically determine the quality of people's lives. Working with Accra based NGO, Kali Etch Foundation that promotes sustainable management of our planet's resources.

Maxwell Mutanda is a multidisciplinary researcher, designer and visual artist, based in Zimbabwe, whose work has a focus on sustainable, participatory design. Maxwell is cofounder of the design research firm Studio [D} Tale that explores social and envinronmental issues across a variety areas, from urbanisation and transit to product innovation. 

We commissioned this series as part of our Circular Design Labs which we develop in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Both Maxwell and Naa were part of the 2019 cohort.

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