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Peruse–China Design Book Shop

Peruse–China Design Book Shop

15 March 2015
by Marion Lean

China Design Centre, London’s only centre dedicated to promoting Chinese contemporary design, are very excited to announce “Peruse”, an exclusive contemporary China Design Book Shop which coincides with the world famous London Book Fair and its event programme, London Book and Screen Week.

BE INSPIRED – For London’s thriving creative community – art directors, graphic designers, fashion designers, architects, product designers, film directors, lecturers, broadcasters, journalists in the creative and arts sector, China watchers, design enthusiasts and book retailers.

The two week exhibition has two sections.

The first week allows you to immerse and educate yourself in the world of contemporary Chinese design. The books charter the surge of creativity in architecture, interior design, fashion, graphic design, even tattoo art. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for London’s dynamic creative community, both professional and student, to access and learn about China’s design world now. Some of the books are works of art in themselves, specially designed by some of China’s most famous graphic designers and artists.

The 200 book catalogue will be available after the event and there may be a possibility of ordering specific titles; but some are in such short supply that realistically they are one-offs. With prices starting from £25 to £250, there is something for every budget.

The second week features a celebration of the cultural differences in the art of bookbinding. The famous Chinese publishing house Artron will be bringing over to London some of their best bookbinders to lead a series of extraordinary, exclusive workshops. To reserve places, please click here to register.

We’re also in discussion with one of London’s most acclaimed bookbinders, makers of some of the most recognisable, prize-winning bookbindings, to host workshops showcasing some of their works and some of their extraordinary skills. 

For further information about the event, please contact Serena Yao, Marketing Manager at

Collaboration Partners 

Our event has received a huge support from many leading Chinese publishing companies in the design industry, such as China Architecture and Building Press, New Star Press, Ben Ran Media, Time Architecture Magazine Tongji Press, Peach Tour Cultural Exchange Centre, Antron and Fasheng.


Supporting Organisations:

Chinese Embassy in the UK

British Council