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October 2013-June 2015 | London, UK


Located in the basement of Somerset House, London, Makerversity is a working and learning space for start-ups and manufacturing businesses. It was founded to support emerging practice and employability, to provide opportunities for young people and to kick-start the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ in the heart of London.

Back in 2013, Candyce Dryburgh and Tom Tobia helped test and develop the first Maker Library sketch before setting up in the hub’s communal space. During the project launch in February 2014, Makerversity members John Nussey and Paul Smyth travelled to South Africa to run an aquaponics project - this intensive workshop at the heart of a busy design fair became an important research strand within the Maker Library Network. The Maker Library hosted a number of events and workshops, ranging from book clubs and maker demonstrations to guest lectures. A selection of their projects was shown during the Network exhibitions in Cape Town and Germany.

Who's Involved? 

The Maker Library at Makerversity was a pioneer in the Maker Library Network. It has worked with inspiring librarians including Tom Tobia, founder of Makerversity and Candyce Dryburgh, a multidisciplinary designer and thinker, passionate about the future of materials and their applications. They were instrumental in shaping the concept and inspiring others to join.

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