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Loo Café x Water Loop Video

Loo Café x Water Loop is an initiative to create a beautiful community space and a public toilet in Hyderabad, India, as well as an educational model demonstrating sustainable, circular water and sanitation systems. 

Loo Café x Water Loop was initially launched in Hyderabad Design Week 2019 as a collaboration between curators Jane Withers Studio, Anupama Kundoo Architects and Ixora Corporate Services, commissioned by and created in collaboration with the British Council and supported by the Government of Telangana. 

The low-cost modular structure can be adapted for different sites. As well as providing free public toilets maintained by revenue from the café, the new model showcases sustainable practices by making them a visible, engaging and interactive part of the building’s design. In the face of climate change and increasing water stress, Loo Café x Water Loop explores alternative systems for ecological sanitation that emphasise circularity, and foregrounds interconnections between humans and the environment, shit and the food chain, technology and community.

We are currently working with project partners to launch an educational programme to explain Water Loop to design students in India in 2021, aiming to inspire future generations of designers to work with sustainable circular systems. 

Water Loop video and graphic identity were designed by graphic design studio November.