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Design Connections 2019

Design Connections 2019

17 September 2019

Design Connections is the British Council's annual industry networking programme during London Design Festival. The programme works to broker new international collaborations and connections in design, offering directors, curators and designers from around the world an immersive curated experience of the best of the festival. 

For 2019 our delegates comprise of; 

Lilli Hollein, Co-founder/Director of Vienna Design Week (Austria)

Marcelo Rosenbaum, Founder of A Gente Transforma (Brazil)

Winnie Gao, Founder/Executive Director Suzhou Design Week (China)

Romana Rebbelmund, Chief Curator for Museum of Applied Arts, Cologne (Germany)

Suprita Moorthy, Founder/Director Bengaluru ByDesign (India) 

Kenya Rodríguez Martínez, Co-Founder/Director Campamento (Mexico) 

Sujan Chitrakar, Head of Programmes/Indepdent Curator (Nepal)

Jou Pabalate, Assistant Director of Saudi Design Week (Saudi Arabia) 

Alvaro Matias, Founder/Director of Madrid Design Festival (Spain) 

Eugene Kavuma, Co-Founder/Director of Kampala Design Week (Uganda) 

Alongside this, the British Council coordinaates meetings with leading designers and organisations with our selection of delegates. The programme for this week includes studio visits and guided tours of work by some of 10x10 designers including Hyphen-Labs and Yinka Ilori