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In The Studio With: Hato


10 September 2018

Discover the world and work of Hato, as we take you into their London studio.

We visited Hato in 2017, during the London Design Festival, as part of our Design Connections programme. With this film, we wanted to capture the experience and insights gained by our international Design Connections delegates and share the work and approach of this innovative UK studio: Here, Ken Kirton, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Hato, tells us about the work of the agency and Hato printing press based in East London. The press was established as a way to empower and engage with the surrounding community by offering them a means of local print production. 

Hato's practice includes art direction, branding, exhibition design, digital and interactive resources, design for cultural campaigns, and workshops.The studio also runs as a space for public workshops where people can come to learn calligraphy, terrarium making and even Korean culinary delicacies. 

Find out more about Hato Press and Workshops here. 

We are about to welcome our 2018 Design Connections delegates in London, find out more about this year's programme here.



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