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Open Call: Reframing Spaces Caracas

The Valley of Caracas © Angel Lovera

© Angel Lovera

The Valley of Caracas
Altamira, Caracas © Tony Delaney

© Tony Delaney

Altamira, Caracas
Barrio, Caracas © Tony Delaney

© Tony Delaney

Barrio, Caracas
Downtown Caracas © Franklin Carrero

© Franklin Carrero

Downtown Caracas

British Council Venezuela and the Architecture Design Fashion team are calling UK-based architects, designers and artists to submit innovative and creative project proposals for the improvement of the urban dynamics of Caracas, Venezuela

Among the issues that currently affect Caracas are the decrease in public spaces for leisure and entertainment, security and violence problems, overpopulation and deficiency of services. Architects, designers and artists with particular focus on public spaces are invited to submit a project proposal to assist Venezuelan professionals and architecture students in finding innovative and actionable alternatives to address local problems, with the aim of improving the quality of life of locals, regaining the feeling of ownership over their city and promoting a responsible use of public spaces to make a safer city.

The project proposal should contemplate interventions for public space in Caracas as well as participation of the educational and professional sectors and the inclusion of relevant actors of the society in an open discussion that allows us to find efficient and sustainable solutions.

The selected project activities will include: 

  • Space mapping. Exploring the city and identifying locations for interventions.
  • Work meetings with partners, local authorities, studios and professionals in the area.
  • Diagnosis, analysis, and design exercises to produce innovative and actionable proposals of fixed or temporary structures for the chosen places of interventions.
  • Working with university students, participating in meetings, talks and conferences in academic spaces. You will be expected to organise two presentations - one for architecture students, one for general public - with contents related to UK experiences and projects on the topic of public space interventions, renovation and work strategies.
  • Develop a project in collaboration with local counterparts based on temporary or permanent installations or intervention for the chosen site or sites, considering the relevant issues previously identified.
  • Work together with local partners, students and volunteers to execute the physical intervention.


  • Applicants must be UK-based architects/designers/artists, with professional experience in creating and delivering design projects focused on public spaces, temporary installations and interventions that increase participation and social engagement;
  • Applicants must be able to travel to Caracas, Venezuela for a period of 1 week during the second week of October 2018 as well as in April 2019;
  • Architects and designers are eligible. However, those whose practices contain research-based, public space interventions and socially-engaged elements will be prioritised;
  • Artists with proven practices and previous experiences in public space interventions are also welcome to apply.

Successful applicant award will consist of:

  • Coverage of travel costs to Caracas, Venezuela (flights, hotel, subsistence) for an Exploratory visit (October 2018) and for Project Implementation visit (April 2019);
  • First grant payment of £1,500 - consisting of £300 per day (Monday to Friday) for the Exploratory visit (October 2018);
  • Second grant payment amount TBC depending on the length of the Project Implementation visit (April 2019).


The following materials should be included in your application:

  • Application letter: Expressing why are you interested in being part of this project. Define how this project would fit in relation to your current practice and the broader context of your work, research, and interests;
  • Curriculum Vitae: Describe your background. Please include all relevant contact information and a personal website, if applicable;
  • A piece of writing which contains information about any previous knowledge/reference of the Venezuelan contexts in terms of its architecture development and social interaction; and an explanation of how you would benefit from this opportunity. (previous knowledge not essential);
  • Supporting material: up to fifteen pieces of additional support material, including digital images, videos, or audio clips or links to video and audio work hosted online with a corresponding numbered image list. The panel will review up to a maximum of five minutes of time-based work.

Detailed information and full open call document are available here.

Submissions should not exceed 5MB in size and should be emailed to by 16:00 (GMT) on Monday 16 July 2018. Please format all written material as a single PDF document.

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