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Film: Making and the Connected City

15 January 2018

Making and the Connected City looks at the challenges of regeneration and gentrification in Korea, and how they impact the makers and creative communities of Seoul.

The film focuses on two residency projects commissioned for the UK/Korea 2017-18 Season's Connected City programme.

Project Seoul Apparel identifies the urgent issues facing the declining garment manufacturing business in a Chansingdong, Seoul’s traditional textile quarter, through a collaborative project between the UK and Korea as a part of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim and Isak Chung. The curators have worked with six practitioners, including fashion designers, architects, and filmmakers, from the UK and Korea to create works for an exhibition housed in a former factory space. Having explored manufacturing processes, ways of working and efficiency alongside other issues within the factories, the exhibition offers a series of propositions for a better future for the people and businesses of Changsindong.

NEON x Seoul Shoe Street presents the collaboration between UK-based design and art practice NEON and shoemakers from the historic Seoul Shoe Street, which is currently at a threat of extinction due to rapid gentrification and the demand for fast fashion. The project led to the creation of 10 bespoke pairs of shoes by 4 Korean makers which are designed and made based on the tastes and sizings of a group of international designer influencers.

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