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Chile: Moda Desobediente

Chile: Moda Desobediente  © Moda Desobediente

© Moda Desobediente

The inaugural Moda Desobediente (Disobedient Fashion) will take place in Santiago, Chile, between 13 and 16 June 2017.

The event, which will include a collaboration with the British Council featuring 3 keyonte presentations and a series of workshops by UK experts, aims to bring together dissident voices from different countries and disciplines to contribute content and generate useful debate on the limits of what fashion is capable of being and doing.

An original idea from the Malvestidas (Badly Dressed) collective, the conference is a call to challenge the dominant notions of Eurocentric fashion and to examine the relationship between fashion and power in order to question its effects on local and global contemporary culture.

The UK programme will feature the V&A's Catherine Flood, curator of Disobedient Objects, and Goldsmith College's Ruby Hoette and Sian Prime

For further information on the speakers and full programme details visit the Moda Desobediente website