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Making workshop at Machines Room for LDF

Making workshop at Machines Room for LDF

14 September 2016

Join makers Alexander Manukians and Vladyslav Bilozerov, from the IZOLAB fabrication laboratory (Kyiv, Ukraine) to explore spaghetti architecture at Machines Room on Tuesday 20 September, 11:00-15:00 as part of their Fix The City programme.   

Spaghetti is a fun and dynamic medium to create architectural models: all you need is a bunch of spaghetti, some glue and hot guns. At the workshop, Alexander and Vlad will show how to build spaghetti drawbridges and install their lifting parts, powered by a gear motor, batteries, winches, and ropes. This practical lesson is perfect for developing spatial thinking, mechanics, motor skills, and electronics. 

The workshop is held as part of a Maker Library Network exchange, where Maker Librarians have the opportunity to visit and learn about making cultures in another location in the network. 

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About the workshop team: 

Alexander Manukians is an architect and creative designer at IZONE as well as a Maker Librarian. He specialises in object, industrial design and prototyping, 2D graphics and 3D modelling. Apart from making, Alexander is involved in several education and art projects by IZONE and IZOLYATSIA foundation. 

Vlad Bilozerov is a Maker Librarian and IZOLAB Manager, who specialises in electronics and new technologies. He is a lecturer of several courses on electronics and robotic systems, and teaches at the first Ukrainian school of 3D printing. 

IZONE is a hub centre in Kyiv, Ukraine, aimed at championing emerging talent in contemporary practice set within the context of the arts, creative industries and technology. Bringing together an aggregation of disciplines and activities, it stimulates synergy and dialogue within the setting of cultural experimentation and enterprise. IZONE is a project by IZOLYATSIA. Platform for cultural inititatives.

The Maker Library at IZONE was set up in April 2016 and is focused on electronics, digital fabrication and printmaking.