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The First Maker Library Network International Residency

Craig Dunlop at his residency desk at Machines Room  Gareth Owen Lloyd

Gareth Owen Lloyd

Craig Dunlop at his residency desk at Machines Room
Craig Dunlop teaching participants of T.E.N in Cape Town

Craig Dunlop teaching participants of T.E.N in Cape Town
Craig Dunlop

Craig Dunlop

14 June 2016
by Ella Reynolds

The first Maker Library Network International Residency starts today. Machines Room will host Craig Dunlop, maker and founder of Workspace in Cape Town, South Africa from 14 June - 14 July. 

Craig will spend a month embedded in Machines Room, where he will have access and training to use machines, share skills and collaborate with Maker Librarian Gareth Owen Lloyd and the Machines Room community of makers.

Workspace is a shared DIY space in Hout Bay, Cape Town - which hosts a Maker Library alongside workshop facilities, a gallery and cafe space, and permanent studios for several local artisans. The organisation aims to stimulate local economic development by equipping young people with  practical making skills and the characteristics to improve employability through the programme T.E.N, amongst other initiatives. 

During his time in London Craig is partcularly interested in contributing to building Machines Room’s Precious Plastics machines through his skills in welding, and taking back learning and experience to implement the project in Cape Town on his return. He will also learn tools for digital modelling and CNC fabrication through participating in the courses on offer in the space.  

This is the first time a member of the Maker Library Network has had the opportunity to spend a significant period of time in another member’s space in a different country, and is being piloted to explore outcomes when there is greater time for deeper connections to be made with international counter-parts. 

The residency is part of the wider Maker Library Network Residency Programme at Machines Room. In June Craig will be joined by five other makers taking part in the Local Residency and Professional Residencies.    

Outcomes of the residency will be showcased at Machines Room on the evening of Wednesday 13 July.


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