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James Dawe gifs for IFS

15 February 2015
by Gwen Webber

The mannequins have been disrobed and the show dismantled, but the dust refuses to settle on the International Fashion Showcase (IFS). As we take stock of what has been a fantastic event, we want to share some of the projects that have come out of our interactions with design, fashion and architecture in the process. In a series of blog posts, we will feature some of the people who made IFS 2015 such a success.

Here, Jamie McIntyre, INT Works Art Director, discusses the series of gifs made for IFS 2015. We collaborated with INT Works to commission artist James Dawe to produce four gifs illustrating each of the continents represented in the show. Screened at the IFS venue, Brewer St car park, and filling the courtyard at Somerset House for the duration of London Fashion Week, the results reflect the compelling energy and diversity of the designers, materials and textures at IFS 2015. 

What was the concept behind the IFS gifs project? 

The gifs showcase a selection of designers collections from the four continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas. All which were exhibited at IFS last weekend. Due to the breadth of designers and work provided, we wanted to create a series of gifs that showcased the variety of collections in a consistent and complimentary way. We focused on the texture of the garments, stand-out silhouettes and patterns as the main focus across all films.

Each continent also lent itself to a colour palette, which in turn created a cohesive identity for each animation. We chose James Dawe to bring our creative direction to life as his approach to materials and digital collage was such a great fit for the project. We are really pleased with the outcomes.

Can you tell us a little about the process behind selecting and editing the images – how is it done and what were you looking for in particular?

We worked with James to select the final shots, focusing on images that had prominent textures, forms and pattern that would form an exciting narrative. A lot of work was done from James' end, ensuring each still and composition acted as an artwork in itself, but also as a collective 10 seconds of animation.

What do you think of the widespread adoption of gifs as a way to communicate design ideas in particular?

Gifs are a great way to provide an instant snapshot of work in a short space of time. We are more and more visually hungry as a generation and with platforms like Instagram and Tumblr especially, gifs can circulate organically online and have life after just the project at hand.

Designer credits

Carolin Holzhuber; DMMJK; Inga Nemirovkaia; Jane Wieland; Katharina Perkhofer; Sabinna; Cecilia Prado; Fernando Cozendey; Sinesia Karol; Triya; Virzi + De Luca; Julia Mannisto; Lina Ibanez Coronado; Miguel Mesa; New Cross; Janja Prokic; Mirka Horka; Marketa Martiskova; Petra Ptackova; Stepan Ruzicka; Eloshi; Lasha Shaghashvili; Salome Totladze; Caoimhe MacNiece; Jocelyn Murray Boyne; Laura Kinsella Millinery; Micahel Stewart; Naiose Farrell; Rory Parnell-Mooney; Akiko Aoki; Kotoha Yokozawa; Noriko Nakazato; Ryota Murakami; Soshi Otsuki; Wataru Tominaga; Yuki Shimane; Ha Sang Beg; Heohwan Simulation; Hyunsoo Heather Park; J KOO; J Moon; Nayoung Moon; rokh; Grey; IAMISIGO: Kenneth Ize; Orange Culture; T.I. Nathan; Ewa Stepnowska; Joanna Wawrzynczak; k a a s k a s; Zofia Ufnalewska; Carla Pontes; Hugo Costa; Joao Melo Costa; KLAR; Mafalda Fonseca; Alexandra Abraham; Alexandru Nimurad; GLAATECA Gallery; Vika Tonu; Adriaan Kuiters & Jody Paulsen; Akedo; MaXhosa by Laduma; Tilde Bay Kristoffersen; Maria Sloth; Line Frank; Madelen Ljunggren; Peter Schamaun; Mathe Andreassen; Antxia; Daniel Santos; David Catalan; Howl by Maria Gluck; Leandro Cano; Camille Buehler; Mikael Vilchez; Pia Farrugia; Magdalena Brozda; Elisa Kaufmann; Eva Buehler; Karin Wuethrich & Matthias Fuerst; Marco Zwick; An-Nisa Abayas; Eve Collections; Jacqueline Kibacha; Nakadhalika-NK; Nau Nuhu; Lena Martorello; Sid Neigum; Zurita Design Company; Christina Economou; Liucija Kvasyte; Siham El Amri; Anouk van Klaveren; Hamza Bokhari; Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL, Adrian Foster