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I AM U at 75 Harrington Project: Museo Aero Solar

I AM U at 75 Harrington Project: Museo Aero Solar

1 April 2015

Museo Aero Solar is an open source international community, started in 2007, that creates massive solar balloons from used plastic bags to raise awareness of our human impact on the environment. These ‘flying museums’ are aeronautical artworks that intend to visualize collective citizen expression and display stories about our modern habits and surroundings.

Inspired by a meeting in Vienna with Tomas Saraceno, who started the open source project, Heath is involving young South Africans in a project to create one of these giant airborne sculptures.

‘I like that such a large object can be so easily transportable; that the process of making it can be a shared experience. As the sun heats up this big bag of bags, made by many hands, it becomes, almost miraculously, a light, floating and simultaneously loud sculpture’, says Nash, commenting that it fits quite perfectly into his practice as a Maker Librarian. ‘And it’s very nice to go inside the balloon once its inflated’ he says. ‘A kind of temporary instant architecture.’

Read more about the Maker Library: I AM U at 75 Harrington here.


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