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Design Explore

Design Explore Day two at Le Jardin. Photo: Simon Mills

Day two at Le Jardin. Photo: Simon Mills

10 March 2013
by Evonne Mackenzie

Design Explore, our exciting new project that aims to give young, aspiring Moroccan designers a chance to develop their skills and knowledge of contemporary product design is on day 3. 

Morocco’s rich craft heritage is renowned worldwide but education opportunities contemporary 3D and product design are not widely available, leaving aspiring designers seeking opportunity to learn about currents trends and skills in product design. This programme – comprising a two week development residency and a design skills open day - will offer a chance to develop their own creative thinking and ideas in design. We have participants from all across Morocco-wide,from a range of backgrounds including art, architecture and craftmakers.  


From 24 March – 5 April ten participants will design and develop their own unique products with the support and guidance of expert designers and tutors from both the UK and Morocco. Practical design sessions will be complemented by an introduction to all related aspects of professional design; from costing, pricing and communications to markets, quality and curation. The whole project is in partnership with the Marrakech Biennale and Ecole Superieure des Arts de Visuels (ESAV)

 Design Special Open Day

A one-day event of workshops and practical demonstrations which will enable students to experiment and explore the practicalities of 3D design. Led by design experts from UK and Morocco, the aim of the workshop is to inspire young people to pursue their creative endeavours in the field of design.

Participating designers and tutors include:

  • Karen Richmond
  • Committee
  • Fabien Cappello
  • Studio Silo
  • Custhom
  • Roger Arquer
  • Thorsten Van Elten
  • Younes Duret (Morocco)
  • Sanae Alami, SAAA Communications (Morocco)
  • Joseph Ouchen (Morocco)


Following the residency there will be a two month period when participants will work on refining their designs into sellable products, before an opportunity for further mentoring, with a view to targeting their finished products to specific markets.

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