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'Nature or Nurture?' Swiss/UK Weekender

'Nature or Nurture?' Swiss/UK Weekender

7 October 2012
by Alastair Donald


Next weekend in Venice, the British Council is partnering with the Swiss Arts Council for ‘Nurture or Nature?’ a Swiss/UK Weekender of discussions on the cultures of research, teaching and practice which will be held at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi.


Taking place on Friday 19th October, the first event ‘Nurture?’ looks at models of teaching and research, and their relationship to contemporary practice.  Featuring Sabine von Fischer, Jean-Paul Jaccaud, Samuel Penn, Jonathan Sergison, Peter Staub, Astrid Staufer, this roundtable discussion will be chaired by British Council director of Architecture, Design and Fashion, Vicky Richardson.  Issues for discussion include exploring the significance of differing structures of architectural education and how specific cultures of teaching and research feed into and inform practice.  This discussion focuses on teaching, pedagogy and research in architecture, bringing U K and Swiss practitioners and academics together to question its significance in their own practice and for the development of architecture as a whole.


The following night (Saturday 20th October), a second roundtable will convene for ‘Nature?. Chaired by Irina Davidovici, discussants including Nicholas Lobo Brennen, Emanuel Christ, Andrea Deplazes, Tom Emerson, Elli Mosayebi will explore contexts and cultures of building and practice, and their role as active research.  This session will investigate the commonalities and differences in the practice of architecture between the U K, Switzerland and elsewhere, and question if and how this reflects cultural differences as a whole.  The panel will asses current factors that are changing and moulding the development of practice into the future, and examine differing practices of architecture while considering how the reciprocal interest and influence between UK and Swiss practitioners over the last 25 years is changing today.


Nurture? Friday 19th October 6:00 pm

Nature? Saturday 20th October 6:00 pm


Venue: Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi,

Campo S.Agnese-Dorsoduro 810, I-30123 Venezia

T +39 041 24 11 810

‘Nurture or Nature?’ is organised by the Swiss Arts Council in partnership with the British Council

Further details of these events including speaker biographies, and full details of all Salon Suisse events can be found here