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The Aram Gallery ready for LDF

Gitta Gschwendtner, Bag stool, 2008. courtesy of the Aram Gallery

Gitta Gschwendtner, Bag stool, 2008. courtesy of the Aram Gallery

4 September 2011
by Raquel Sereno

The Aram Gallery is known for an interest in the way designers think and work as well as it’s commitment to exploring the design process. The gallery’s previous exhibition Prototypes and Experiments VI comprehensively showcased a variety of methods for casting and moulding across Design disciplines; from product to furniture, to jewellery and architecture. The selected pieces focused on the means of manufacture, and there was also a visible emphasis on concept, method, and material experimentation.


The exhibition showed prototypes of design details such as Laura Potter’s and Lin Cheung’s cuttle-casting pewter jewellery, to whole cast projects like Gitta Gschwendthner’s Bag Stool, which was commissioned for an installation at the Design Museum. These experiments are not only valuable for the designers and makers; they also provide the audience a chance to explore the design process through its varied stages.


More intriguing will be their exhibition for London Design Week, opening on the 17th September. Greenen + Hoon includes a range of new work by two furniture designers; New Zealand based Bram Geenen and Il Hoon Roh. They begin their work with complimentary starting points, as both are greatly influenced by Antoni Gaudi, and then divert into different ways of working but obtain aesthetically similar outcomes.


The exhibition will highlight the crossovers in their process by presenting a step by step journey from initial sketch to full size piece, where full size exhibits will be complimented by maquettes and prototyped details. This will allow explanation of the materials and processes that Greenen and Hoon use at each stage of their design development. It is difficult to say if their work will intersect again but it is exciting to see where it sits now.


17th of September - 5th of November 2011

The Aram Gallery

110 Drury Lane

Covent Garden

London WC2B 5SG

Open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm (Thursday until 7pm)