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The MakerSpace

The MakerSpace

Skills sharing and engagement with new technology in Durban, South Africa

The MakerSpace is a community resource located at The Foundry, a creative manufacturing hub in the heart of Durban’s Station Drive precinct.

The MakerSpace is actively developing a network of makers including engineers, designers, architects and tinkerers, giving them access to a creative playground that’s fully-equipped with cutting-edge, low-volume manufacturing technology, including laser cutters, 3D-printers and small CNCs. It operates on a membership basis to allow local makers and craftspeople the opportunity to use new technologies to improve their practice and develop their skills.

The Maker Library at The MakerSpace gets people together in a focused, creative space and encourages the skills sharing and engagement with new technology. Members and guest makers host regular workshops for public – facilitating space for people to express their creativity in tangible ways, while acquiring new skills and connecting with community.

Who's Involved? 

Steve Gray is passionate about enabling creativity through technology. A qualified engineer, who has spent time teaching mathematics and science and building start-up companies, he now runs The MakerSpace and is involved in mobilising South Africa’s local maker movement.  ‘My role as a Maker Librarian has inspired me to a more playful, artistic driven form of development,’ he says. ‘Not everything has to start with a clear plan or purpose, sometimes just the journey of expressing one’s creativity in a physical way can inspire outcomes that were never imagined.’ His dream is to create a network of 200 maker spaces across South Africa, developing and inspiring a new generation of makers and enabled entrepreneurs able to impact the South African economy.

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