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Learning from nature: The gentle power of education Image: Tonkin Liu

Image: Tonkin Liu

Learning from nature: The gentle power of education
Touring Brutalist Tel-Aviv guided virtual tours Image: Photo: Itai Sikolski, 2013

Image: Photo: Itai Sikolski, 2013

Touring Brutalist Tel-Aviv guided virtual tours
Giant Dolls’ House: alone-together Image: Karem Ibrahim

Image: Karem Ibrahim

Giant Dolls’ House: alone-together
Architects Stories from Aleppo  Image: Photographer: Georges Moubayed

Image: Photographer: Georges Moubayed

Architects Stories from Aleppo
Exquisite Corpse for the Stay At Home Surrealists Image: Local Collective

Image: Local Collective

Exquisite Corpse for the Stay At Home Surrealists
Informal Power Structures  Image: #05 San Francisco 2017/2017, from the series Living Room © Jana Sophia Nolle

Image: #05 San Francisco 2017/2017, from the series Living Room © Jana Sophia Nolle

Informal Power Structures

29 May 2020
by ADF Team

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) returns this June as a new digital festival. The Architecture Design Fashion team have listed a few of the online events, workshops and exhibitions we're looking forward to.


'There are so many fascinating events as part of LFA’s digital programme that it is hard to choose just one, 'Learning from nature' appeals for how it will bring together a discussion about how we as human beings learn from and interact with our built and natural environment.

Using an iconic London site (the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs) as the basis for conversation, I look forward to a great discussion about how our understanding of nature has evolved over the years and what role cultural interventions like the Dinosaurs can play in this.'  Sevra Davis, Director of Architecture Design Fashion

Learning from nature: The gentle power of education online debate, 17 June 17:30 - 18:20

‘I am really interested in the subject of architecture photography. As an architecture student you most likely to learn about all the best architecture examples around the world through images. It’s really important to understand how photographic practice influences how we view architecture. ‘Informal Power Structures’ will showcase the work of photographers from around the world photographing formal and informal urban settlements, and discuss the lessons we can learn from each approach.’ Elena Tamosiunaite, Programme Coordinator, Architecture Design Fashion

Informal Power Structures a live talk, 05 June 14:30 - 15:30


'LFA Digital presents an exciting opportunity to travel without moving and the current over-familiarity of screen-time to be extended to places and spaces we can’t reach right now. I’m particularly excited by the chance to visit Adolf Loos’ last work via virtual tour and the inimitable Brutalist buildings of Tel-Aviv.' Gwen Webber, Programme Manager, Architecture

Adolf Loos’ Villa Winternitz a live-stream tour, 18 June 17:00 
Touring Brutalist Tel-Aviv guided virtual tours, 27 June 16:00 - 17:30

'With the whole of LFA going digital this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how this may open up the programme to more international content. For instance, there are events exploring ongoing efforts to rebuild Aleppo and the wider context of architecture in Syria today which sound very interesting.' João Guarantani, Senior Programme Manager

Live from Aleppo a live-stream tour, 12 June - 13 June 14:00 - 15:00 
Architects Stories from Aleppo a live talk, 20 June14:00 - 15:00 


'For me, working from home with two small children alongside me and my partner, family learning is really important and this looks like a great event. We have participated in the LFA’s dolls house event before – in person – and think this will translate well at home now. Just find a shoe box and lots of scrap materials (cards, packaging, random leftover craft bits). Trust kids - they will work wonders! I also think this will be therapeutic for adults and I look forward to seeing the results.' Laura Broderick, Programme Manager, Venice Fellowships  

Giant Dolls’ House: alone-together workshop, 01 June - 14 June


'Described as a game in a virtual living room, I'm looking forward to, 'Exquisite Corpse for the Stay at Home Surrealists'. I've often been interested in the iterative process of Exquisite Corpse so I'm looking forward to seeing how this session's starting topic 'Sustainable Living' will be interpreted differently by the online group of artists, children and architects. I'm also interested in exploring how fictional narratives can inform design futures so it's good to see that the session's creative submissions will be exhibited in LFA's virtual gallery afterwards as food for thought!' Hannah Robinson, Programme Manager, Architecture Design Fashion

Exquisite Corpse for the Stay At Home Surrealists a virtual living room, 20 June - 21 June 13:00 - 22:00

'30 objects in 30 days – I'm intrigued by this brief, one object that reflects power and architecture, and whether architecture itself can be the object. How will the nominators interpret scale and the concept of power? I also wonder who the nominators are (and why they were selected), their contexts (both geographically and professionally), and how this may or may not inspire the object they chose. And of course, I’m most excited to learn about new objects or seeing historical objects through the lens of power and architecture.' Parvinder Marwaha, Programme Manager, Design 

30 Objects In 30 Days daily until 30 June

LFA 2020 runs between 1 and 30 June. For further information and full listings, visit the website