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Why I Make: Jewellery in Romania with Cleopatra Cosulet

23 June 2020

Step inside the studio of Cleopatra Coșuleț in Romania and discover how she creates individual 'worlds' with her jewellery using experimental materials and processes.

Part of the British Council's Why I Make film series for our global programme, Crafting Futures. Commissioned to celebrate craft and share maker's stories from around the globe; to inspire us and to show the value of craft in our history, culture and world today. From embroidery in Mexico to glassblowing in the UK and batik in Malaysia, find inspiration in the stories and work of these practitioners as they tell us, 'Why I Make'.

We caught up with Cleopatra after the outbreak of COVID-19, to find out how her practice has been affected and her thoughts for the future, read the interview here.

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See the full film series on our YouTube channel here. 

About Cleopatra Cosulet

Cleopatra Coșuleț is a jewellery designer and maker based in Bucharest. Metalsmithing and jewellery have a rich and long history in Romania. Cleopatra is at the forefront of a new emerging frontier in jewellery - part of a new craft movement - building on these traditional skills in an exciting way; taking them in new and innovative directions. Using experimental materials in her jewellery, and applying a more conceptual approach, her work explores materials, narratives and cultural identity.

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Feeling Inspired? 

Find out more about jewellery making on YouTube, from tutorials to processes and design.

The Goldsmith's Centre in London offers lots of resources and information for those thinking about starting out in jewellery to those who are established makers. 

For inspiration from across the globe and ages, the Victoria & Albert Museum has an incredible jewellery collection.