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Open Call: Arts & Sustainable Development South East Asia

Open Call: Arts & Sustainable Development South East Asia  Simon Mills

Simon Mills

24 June 2019

Calling cultural and creative practitioners ready to take the lead on how arts and culture engage with sustainable development in South East Asia. Apply by 14 July to take part in an inspiring program.

SEAΔ is a program co-created by Mekong Cultural Hub and British Council that creates space for cultural practitioners to reflect on how their work in arts and culture can contribute to sustainable development within South East Asia through their individual and collective leadership.

Apply to take part in a one year fellowship for artists and cultural workers to work together to contribute to sustainable development within South East Asia. Each year we select 10 Fellows from 10 countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

The program has 4 main gatherings spread over a one-year period where Fellows get together. Each gathering takes place in a different country and has a unique purpose:  exchange, create, share then reflect.

If you work in the arts, care about sustainable development, and want to meet and work with like-minded people from around the region, then consider applying for SEAΔ this year.

Who is SEAΔ for?

SEAΔ is designed for all kinds of creative and cultural practitioners (from artists to administrators, managers and policymakers) who are interested in:

  • Connecting their artistic and cultural work to the challenges the SDGs (sustainable development goals) present
  • Creating partnerships and collaborations with peers around and with the region
  • Enlarging the space for the arts and culture in South East Asia
  • Building civil society through arts and culture
  • Creating new opportunities for others to grow and develop

This year the Fellows will get the chance to focus on issues related to “Biotrade”. Biotrade is the ethical sustainable trade in resources that come from natural biodiversity in a local area. For example, tea, spices or natural materials that can be used for make-up and cosmetics.

For more information, including eligibility and how to apply - click here

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