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Opportunity: Crafting Futures Grant Scheme

Opportunity: Crafting Futures Grant Scheme Image by Simon Mills

Image by Simon Mills

9 August 2018

The British Council is delighted to announce the Crafting Futures Grant Scheme in collaboration with the Crafts Council – a new initiative within our Crafting Futures programme.

The aim of the grant scheme is to:  

  • Build stronger connections with the UK craft sector and create opportunities for future exchange;
  • To support craftspeople in the UK and overseas to have the ability to improve their livelihoods;
  • To generate greater understanding and perceived value of craft within the sector, alongside developing new audiences and markets;
  • To support the strengthening and development of the quality of creative practice and craft work globally; and
  • To increase opportunities for people to learn, train and enter craft practice.

This grant scheme will provide an opportunity for individuals or organisations and countries from outside of our existing Crafting Futures programming to get involved and contribute to the mission of supporting a sustainable future for craft around the globe.

The Grant

The British Council will award research grants of up to £5,000 each for UK-based practitioners to undertake overseas residencies, projects, collaborations or other activities in response to a set of research themes related to the Crafting Futures programme between October 2018 and February 2019.  

Up to 8 successful applications will be chosen depending on the grant amounts. The grants are weighted towards applications which will take place in countries on the DAC Official Development Assistance (ODA) list, which can be found here.  A maximum of 2 grants will be given for activities taking place in non-ODA eligible countries. For more details about ODA see the OECD What is ODA page.

Proposals should:

  • Respond to a research question outlined in the Open Call document, downloadable here;
  • Be for a project happening overseas with priority given to Official Development Assistance eligible countries;
  • Be endorsed by a local host, partner or collaborator in the country where the activity is proposed, indicating how local communities will benefit from the project and that it is locally relevant. Please see further resources at the end of this document for support;
  • Address how the sustainability of craft practice can create livelihoods and aid in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals; Further information on the SDGs can be found here;
  • Outline what success would look like and how this impact would be measured, assessing both benefit to participants in country and to the applicant’s personal practice;

Research Questions

Research is a key part of the Crafting Futures programme. Through this grant scheme, we aim to build a body of research which will address some of the challenges for craft practice globally through case studies. We are requesting proposals in response to the set of research questions outlined in the full open call document, downloadable here.  Proposals can take any form – a project, an exhibition, an event, an exchange, a residency or a community collaboration.

Application Process

To apply, please send you application package to by 8 October 2018 by 5PM UK time. Applications should not exceed 5MB.

Your application package should include:

  • A completed application form;
  • A CV or biography;
  • A letter of support or endorsement from an overseas collaborator, host or organisation demonstrating how your proposal responds to a local need, interest or challenge and commitment to support your project; and
  • Any further documentation about your practice, work or experience you feel would be relevant.

The full open call document and application form are available to download here