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Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 FAQ

Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 FAQ Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 © Cristiano Corte

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 © Cristiano Corte

24 July 2017

Below is a list of questions and answers following email enquiries in relation to the open call for the British Pavilion in Venice. The 16th International Architecture Biennale will take place from 26 May to 25 November 2018. 

Should the submission include a summary of intended exhibitor(s)/artist(s)/designer(s)/researcher(s) that will be included in the exhibition?
A summary of all of the curatorial team should be included in the submission. This can be provisional at this stage but please make sure you have permission to list all members of the team.


Should the contents of the exhibition from the exhibitor(s)/artist(s)/designer(s)/researcher(s) be described in the submission?
It is not mandatory to describe the contents at this initial concept stage. Depending on your submission, however, it may support your concept to include an outline or examples that are indicative of the exhibition content.

Does the requirement for team biographies apply to the lead team only? 
No, short biographies of all provisional team members are required for the application.

Is there a scope to build an installation on the external façade of the pavilion?
Yes, however please note that the British Pavilion is a listed building so any installation built outside should be freestanding.

Is the limit of max. two sides of A4 for biographies for the entire team or per member?
It is for the entire team so the biographies of all members together should be max. two sides of A4.

The total length of the submission is 6 sides of A4. Does this include the completed appendix A application form?
Yes. An eligible application should consist of max. 6 sides of A4 in total: 

  • Application form (2 sides)
  • Concept statement, max. 800 words including up to three images (max. 2 sides)
  • Biographies of all team members (max. 2 sides)

Are there a maximum or ideal number of members to a team?
This is a matter for your judgement. It is important to demonstrate to the selection panel that the team, of whatever size, will be able to work together successfully and that you have specified the particular role that each member will play within the team. 

We have a number of exhibition ideas. Are we permitted to submit more than one proposal?
Yes, multiple proposals are acceptable. However, each proposal should be treated as an independent submission and sent (along with the relevant outline budget and project team biographies) via a dedicated email. Please also provide a rationale as to why multiple proposals are submitted. 

Considering the display of archive material such as historic drawings, should it be assumed that ‘climate control’ within the Pavilion will be provided by the British Council?
The British Council will provide dehumidifying equipment that is used as standard in the British Pavilion for the Art Biennale. Should you anticipate requiring specialist equipment or vitrines then this will need to be included within your outline budget proposal. Please note that due to its size, it is inadvisable to use the central gallery space for pieces with high climatic sensitivities. Should archival material be likely to incur specialised freighting arrangements, then this too should be considered within the indicative budget.


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