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Workspace Project: TEN - The Employable Nation

Workspace Project: TEN - The Employable Nation  Keziah Suskin

Keziah Suskin

29 February 2016

TEN - The Employable Nation - is a 25-day course designed to stimulate young people’s interest in the art of making. Through learning ten skills and making ten products, the participants also learn basic skills to enhance their employability, for example through learning to weld they also learn about the concept of trust. 

The course has been developed by Maker Librarian Craig Dunlop and is hosted at Workspace, part of the Maker Library Network, located in an area with one of the highest rates of unemployment in South Africa, with the informal communities of Hangklip and Inzama Yethu right on its doorstep. It’s therefore important that the skills shared during the program, should lead to potential income.

The Makespace at Workspace is a new hub for unemployed youth seeking opportunity. The Maker movement’s ethos of collaboration, sharing and putting people before profits can make a significant difference in our communities.

Find out more about TEN and Workspace here.


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