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Machines Room Project: Maker Library Residencies

Adam Blencowe's Showcase December 2015  © Machines Room

© Machines Room

Adam Blencowe's Showcase December 2015
Michael Obrizkiv's Tri-Space  © Machines Room

© Machines Room

Michael Obrizkiv's Tri-Space
Koby Barhad and Mike Vanis' Swipe & Shoot  © Machines Room

© Machines Room

Koby Barhad and Mike Vanis' Swipe & Shoot

13 December 2015
by Ella Reynolds

The Maker Library Residencies at Machines Room have been developed to give emerging makers the opportunity to use tools and expertise to experiment with digital fabrication technologies, to produce new work.

Each month, a different maker joins the community using the Maker Library as their studio. Outcomes from the residency are then presented to the public during a Maker Showcase exhibition or event. Makers in Residence regularly contribute new ideas and projects to the Maker Library Network, hosting workshops or developing resources, and have had their work shown at many exhibitions and events. In 2015, Maker Library Makers in Residence included Adam Blencowe; Graham Dunning; Ralph Borland; Tom Fox; Michael Obrizkiv; Kristin Luke; Koby Barhad and Mike Vanis, and South Kiosk.

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