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Virzi de Luca

Virzi de Luca Virzi de Luca. Photograph by Viente de Paulo.

Virzi de Luca. Photograph by Viente de Paulo.

1 February 2014
by Niamh Tuft

Marcella Virzi and Betina De Luca created VIRZI DE LUCA in 2012. The company is infused with the designers dream pieces, sculptural, sexy and with a sense of fun typical of their native land, Rio de Janeiro.

Immersed in fashion, poetry and art, their bijoux jewelry design gives pleasure to the eye and the beholder.

When the cover of Brazilian ‘Vogue’ showed Gisele Bündchen wearing a creation of their first collection, they were launched to the top of every ‘must have’ list, attracting press and attention from fashion icons such as Lady Gaga and Kate Moss.

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