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Michelline Syjuco

Michelline Syjuco Michelline Syjuco. Photograph by Maxine Syjuco.

Michelline Syjuco. Photograph by Maxine Syjuco.

1 February 2014
by Niamh Tuft

Michelline was born into a family of artists. Her passion is creating life size sculptures made of wood and metal. In IFS, Michelline will create hand-forged accessory pieces made from fallen trees during the last belt of super typhoons that hit the Philippines and hundred-year-old woods taken from old railroad tracks and heritage houses. These will be used in combination with recycled bullet shells, metal sheets, nuts, bolts, and other pre-fabricated metal parts and fixtures. Michelline aspires to elevate the state of experimental fashion in the Philippines, and ultimately, around the world.

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