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Library roof at Dar Al Mamun. Photo: Evonne Mackenzie

Library roof at Dar Al Mamun. Photo: Evonne Mackenzie

3 March 2013
by Evonne Mackenzie

I've just started work on a new project with colleagues and partners in Morocco. Called Design ◊ Explore it will have two elements - the first is an intensive two-week design school for talented, young Moroccan designers to support them to develop their design skills and knowledge. Alongside this we're also hosting a one-day event for young students to explore and experiment with 3D design.


Morocco is renowned for it's tremendous craft heritage but there are limited opportunities to learn about product design at colleges and universities, the aspiration is that this will be a chance for a new generation of designers to develop ideas around contemporary product design. The project will take place in Marrakech but will be open to designers from across the country.


We're starting to work out all the details at the moment in collaboration with some fantastic partners and designers including the Marrakech Biennale, Karen Richmond and more. I'll post more details soon as it starts to come together.