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IADS: Introducing ANZA

Image courtesy of Anza Magazine

Image courtesy of Anza Magazine
Image courtesy of Anza Magazine

Image courtesy of Anza Magazine

2 July 2012
by Dorota Drajewicz


ANZA magazine emerged as a project of a group of young, vibrant university students and recent graduates. Experiencing social-economic transformation in Africa and facing the population growth on the continent, a need has been defined to open a discussion on the urban and architectural issues that the growing cities are confronting.


ANZA is hoping to become a place for specialists and the public to discuss local issues and constructively exchange ideas. It is featured as a source of information for young designers and emerging architects to create a platform on which innovative solutions can be launched.


“For some putting together a magazine in four weeks, let alone an interdisciplinary, technical, exploratory magazine, might seem overly ambitious. Driven by our ambition to create a new forum to engage our changing East-African cities, we knew there was no option but to succeed” state the Editors in the introduction of issue one of the magazine. So far the publication has featured a great mix of both international and local articles, scholarly works and interviews, visions for the future, together with historical pieces, analysis and narratives.


Comfort Mosha, Publishing Director of ANZA and Gunter Klix, Co-Founder are joining us in London to talk about East African Architecture and introduce the ideas and initiative behind ANZA Magazine.


As part of the London Festival of Architecture and our International Architecture and Design Showcase, join us on Tuesday 3 July to hear the inspiring story and learn more about the determined and creative people engaged in the project.



Introducing ANZA

Tue 3 July 2012, 18:30 - 19:30


Ambika P3

University of Westminster

35 Marylebone Road

London NW1 5LS


For more information please visit ANZA

Introducing ANZA at LFA

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