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2023 Venice Fellowships: Open Call

2023 Venice Fellowships: Open Call

We are currently looking for partners from:

  • UK Arts, Architecture and Humanities Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) or Schools/Departments
  • UK community-based Arts, Crafts, Design, Architecture, Cultural or Creative Organisations who work with/for young people, especially from socio-economic disadvantaged groups and backgrounds, and/or minorities groups, such as: ethnicity (ethnic minority), race (racial minority), religion (religious minority), sexual orientation (sexual minority), or disability.

If your Institution/Organisation is interested in becoming a partner for the 2023 Venice Fellowships Programme – Architecture Biennale, please complete and submit the online form.

Complete the online form here.

Read our help guide here.

The deadline to apply is by Thursday 25 August 2022, 23:59 BST