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Seyi Sosanya


Creator of the 3D Weaver, Sosanya’s design approach is one that explores the territory between craft practices, industry production practice, and human machine interaction. Sosanya re-considers what others take for granted to transform process and create inventive products.

Sosanya developed the initial concept for the 3D Weaving Machine while studying at the Royal College of Art, where he worked closely with technical textile designer Sophie Zajicek and learned how to weave on a traditional handloom. They explored three-dimensional textile structures produced with traditional methods, including honeycomb weaves that Zajicek had developed. Further inspiration came from a visit to the Huddersfield Textile Centre of Excellence in Yorkshire, where Sosanya came in contact with the most technologically advanced woven materials. Sosanya explains he became “interested in producing materials in a single process that could maintain the properties of the impact materials commonly used in our active wear.”

This led him to look into the structure of high impact garments such as bulletproof vests made from several layers of woven UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular- Weight Polyethylene). The 3D Weaving Machine obtains the same effect in a single woven structure.

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