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Creating culture in Lagos, Nigeria


Stranger is a concept store and lifestyle hub, located in Lekki Phase One in Lagos, Nigeria. Stranger’s key focus is to build a community of likeminded individuals interested in design, making, arts and culture in order to explore an alternative culture of Lagos - centred around collaboration, attention to detail and looking to global sources of inspiration – whilst incorporating the appreciation and understanding of modern Nigerian culture. Stranger hosts a wide variety of events including salons, exhibitions of young artists work, film screenings and monthly communal lunches. The store sells progressive designer clothing and accessories as well as publications covering a wide range of topics, from fashion and design to culture.

The vision for the Maker Library at Stranger is a platform which demystifies how objects are made, with a particular focus on clothing and accessories. The programme will showcase and teach manufacturing processes as well as skills such as dyeing and pattern cutting. The key aim is to encourage cross disciplinary collaboration through exposing people to multiple creative practices through the programme of workshops, presentations and talks. The Maker Library will also build on the existing swap library, which is stocked with books covering topics from general fiction to architecture, fashion, design and philosophy.  

Who’s Involved?

Yegwa Ukpo is a Nigerian creative based in Lagos. His work and practice spans many disciplines including graphic design, fashion, branding, curation and creative entrepreneurship. He is co-owner and creative director of Stranger where he directs campaigns and collaborations, and develops concepts for editorials, features and events in store. He is passionate about mentoring young people towards building a community based on the ethos of collaboration and a mindful approach to the creation of culture.   

Yegwa travelled to South Africa in February 2016 to share his skills and practice and connect with Maker Librarians from the UK and South Africa.

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