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Building creative communities in Kyiv, Ukraine

IZONE is a creative hub with open workshops - including a Fab Lab and printing studios – and a gallery, café and events space. Their goal is to nurture a community of talented creatives including artists, designers, sculptors and programmers through fostering a dynamic environment and championing emerging talent through experimentation. IZONE is the project arm of Izolyatsia: Platform for Cultural Initiatives founded in Donetsk and recently relocated to Kyiv. 

The Maker Library at IZONE will run a series of events until November 2016. The programme will diversify the range of activities of IZOLAB Fab Lab and connect makers around Kyiv, giving them access to specialised books and the opportunity to learn and share skills and knowledge. The ambition is for the Maker Library at IZONE to become a useful platform for Ukrainian designers, architects, artists and craftspeople to convene and share their ideas, practice and products around the world.

Who’s Involved?

The Maker Librarian at IZONE is Vlad Belozerov, who specialises in electronics and new technologies.Vlad is a lecturer of several courses of electronics and robotic systems, and teaches at the first Ukrainian school of 3D printing. The programme at IZONE is coordinated in collaboration with Kira Kamarali, project manager of the IZONE creative community.

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