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IFS 2017


Russia Designer NAIDAL Photographer Olga Tarr

Designer NAIDAL Photographer Olga Tarr

A Memory of the Future

The symbols of Russia’s vast creative heritage garner newfound appreciation in every twist and turn of this time-travelling installation, where a new generation of Russian fashion talent unveil slick, contemporary reinterpretations of traditional crafting techniques. In recognition that these world-famous traditional arts – think Vyatka nesting dolls and Vologda lacing – exist not simply for their aesthetic beauty, but as experiments in innovation with global potential, these designers are carrying that pioneering spirit into the future, broadcasting their own creative message into space for generations to come.


Designers include: Artem Shumov, Lumier Garson, NAIDAL, Saint Tokyo, Turbo Yulia, ZA_ZA

Curator and Exhibition Designer: Ekaterina Melnikova

Organised by: Russian Fashion Council
Supported by: The Embassy of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

20 January 2016


ZA_ZA Photographer: AleksandraSycheva

Photographer: AleksandraSycheva

20 January 2016

Artem Shumov

Artem Shumov Photographer: AliciaShi

Photographer: AliciaShi

20 January 2016

Lumier Garson

Lumier Garson Photographer: Belokur Ivan

Photographer: Belokur Ivan

20 January 2016


NAIDAL Photographer: Olga Tarr

Photographer: Olga Tarr

20 January 2016

Turbo Yulia

Turbo Yulia Photographer: Maria Yastrebova

Photographer: Maria Yastrebova

20 January 2016

Saint Tokyo

Saint Tokyo Photographer: Daniil Yarochuk

Photographer: Daniil Yarochuk