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IFS 2017


Romania Designer Smaranda Almasan Photographer Vlad Andrei Gherman

Designer Smaranda Almasan Photographer Vlad Andrei Gherman


Romania’s ‘Standpoint’ explores the intersections between multiple layers of the local and global – from personal and regional introspection, to the enriching communicative and technological opportunities afforded by the wired world. The international language of fashion becomes a means of communicating the unique experiences of each designer – the local distinctions that shape their practices and the immediate surroundings of their studios and the way they reinterpret the past. These creatives have one foot rooted in the traditional past, but the other is firmly grounded in a sartorial future energized by compelling conceptual backdrops and a vital playfulness.  


Designers include: Ancuța Sarca, Andreea Castrase, Emese Bako, Sabina Pop, Smaranda Almășan

Curator: Romanian Design Week
Exhibition Design: Attila Kim

Organised by: Romanian Cultural Institute London, Romanian Design Week

20 January 2016

Andreea Castrase

Andreea Castrase Photographer: Chris Devour

Photographer: Chris Devour

20 January 2016

Ancuța Sarca

Ancuța Sarca Photographer: Alexandra Cretu

Photographer: Alexandra Cretu

20 January 2016

Sabina Pop

Sabina Pop Photographer: Dan Cristian Gocan

Photographer: Dan Cristian Gocan

20 January 2016

Smaranda Almășan

Smaranda Almășan Photographer: Vlad

Photographer: Vlad

19 January 2016

Emese Bako

Emese Bako Photographer: Dion Andrea Kovacs

Photographer: Dion Andrea Kovacs