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IFS 2017


Guatemala Designer Alexander Ayala Photographer Emmanuel Garcia

Designer Alexander Ayala Photographer Emmanuel Garcia

Millenial Moon

Guatemala’s Mayan heritage provides the inspiration for ‘Millennial Moon’, an installation rooted in the scientific sophistication of the civilisation’s ancient lunar calendar and the mother-figure of Ixchel, goddess of the moon, fertility and weaving. Reimagining Somerset House as Ixchel’s observatory-cum-atelier, Guatemala’s emerging fashion designers showcase their visions of the future. This new generation of creative inventors is inspired by both the cosmos and ancient textile techniques, their impact strengthened by global communication and manufacturing technologies.  


Designers include: Alexander Ayala, David Valencia, HO piezas unicas, MEÜS, Thelma Espina

Curators: Cecilia Santamarina de Orive, Carolina Yafe, Aida Arguello
Exhibition design: Olivero Bland Studio

Organised by: Coyuntura 13, Embassy of Guatemala UK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala
Supported by: Mercedes-Benz, Guatemorfosis, Punto Mandarina, Nando Yax PR, Meso Goods, The Mayan Store, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo

19 January 2016

Alexander Ayala

Alexander Ayala Photographer: Emmanuel Garcia

Photographer: Emmanuel Garcia

19 January 2016

Thelma Espina

Thelma Espina Photographer: Fausto Padilla

Photographer: Fausto Padilla

19 January 2016



19 January 2016

David Valencia

David Valencia Designer: David Valencia

Designer: David Valencia

19 January 2016

HO piezas unicas

HO piezas unicas Designer: HO piezas unicas

Designer: HO piezas unicas