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IFS 2017


Chile Designer: Matias Hernan Photographer: Juan Queirolo

Designer: Matias Hernan Photographer: Juan Queirolo


Chile’s installation is a rich experiment in hybridity: the fusing of spirituality, sustainability, heritage, art and fashion. Housed in an ‘Animita’ – a spontaneously erected roadside shrine – specially-commissioned designs by Chile’s emerging fashion talent are juxtaposed with work by visual artists in celebration of the country’s artisanal textile heritage. The result is a proud homage to the intrinsic characteristics of the Chilean textile industry that they are helping to revive – small scale production, an eco-sustainable ideology and the continuity of its ancestral origins.


Designers include: Lupe Gajardo, Matías Hernán, Ingrato, Sisa

Curator: Andrea Pacheco González 
Exhibition design: Loreto Martinez with artistic cohort Los Contadores Auditores

Organised by: National Council of Culture and the Arts, Pro Chile, British Council Chile
Supported by: DIRAC, Embassy of Chile in the UK

17 January 2016

Matias Hernan

Matias Hernan Photographer: Juan Queirolo

Photographer: Juan Queirolo

17 January 2016


SISA Photographer: Ignacio Santa Maria

Photographer: Ignacio Santa Maria

17 January 2016

Lupe Gajardo

Lupe Gajardo  Photographer: Jose Moraga

Photographer: Jose Moraga

17 January 2016


Ingrato Photographer: Carolina Aguero

Photographer: Carolina Aguero