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IFS 2019

Lithuania - Morta Nakaite

Lithuania - Morta Nakaite Photograph by Pualius Gasiunas

Photograph by Pualius Gasiunas

Morta Nakaite holds a BA in fashion design at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, and is in the process of completing Masters degree in Textile Art and Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She is an annual participant at the Lithuanian Fashion Week ‘Mados Infekcija’ where she presents conceptual clothing and footwear collections. She also works as a costume designer for theatre and cinema.

Using experiences and stories which are strongly connected to Morta’s home city Vilnius, she is searching for a personal and unique relationship between art and design. Working in an intuitive way to each creation aims to communicate something that cannot be expressed in words.

She is currently designing for MORTA NAKAITE brand and is running a collaborative fashion project ‘m o r t aa i d a’ which continues her profound artistic practice.

Supported by: Lithuanian Culture Institute and Lithuanian Embassy in the UK