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IFS 2019

Kenya - Ami Doshi Shah

Kenya - Ami Doshi Shah Photograph by Thandiwe Muriu

Photograph by Thandiwe Muriu

Ami Doshi Shah is a trained Jeweller and Silversmith, having gained a BA (Hon) in Jewellery and Silversmithing from the Birmingham School of Art & Design in the UK in 2001. She was the recipient of the Goldsmiths’ Award for Best Design (Apprentice trainee) in 2001. Upon graduating, she completed jewellery apprenticeship programmes in Mumbai and Jaipur, India. In 2013, Ami established the eponymous design label, I am I, which marked her return to the design world after a 12-year hiatus, during which she worked with multinational advertising agencies in Nairobi and London.

Ami’s love for Kenya and its human and natural beauty is a constant source of inspiration for her creative endeavours. She sources local materials for her work and uses her technical training to work with the elements in unexpected ways, bringing her artistic sensibilities to her label, I am I.


Supported by: The Nest Collective and HEVA Fund