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IFS 2019

Colombia - Laura Laurens

Colombia - Laura Laurens Alejandra Quintero

Alejandra Quintero

In 2013 self-trained Bogotá-based designer Laura Laurens debuted her label in Paris with a special Capsule collection (SS14) made entirely from a stock of Colombian military fabrics.

Since 2016 she has also been working as the creative Director of New York based brand Carvoe 

Taking inspiration from her Fine Arts background, Laura’s work is defined by a raw approach, textile interventions, artisanal processes and recycled / eco-friendly treatments, re-interpreting Colombia’s conflict through textiles.

Her collections frequently deal with duality, contradiction and conflict, influenced by the ongoing collaboration with the Emberas trans community artisans and their indigenous heritage.

Supported by: INFASHION MagazineEmbassy of Colombia