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IFS 2019

Bangladesh - Rahemur Rahman

Bangladesh - Rahemur Rahman Photograph by Gareth Wrighton

Photograph by Gareth Wrighton

Rahemur Rahman is a menswear designer who graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins BA Fashion pathway, he has gone onto have a colourful career in fashion and has helped merge the many industries that work within the sector. In his creative direction he has worked to help bring together the international modest fashion world and western fashion, simultaneously working on styling and creating imagery for fashion brands and using fashion to help promote a more inclusive diverse ideology. Having taken a break from designing he is planning to use the platform of International Fashion Showcase to relaunch his menswear collection. In this body of work he will not only visually challenge fashion conventions but use this platform to participate in conversations about sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. Rahemur Rahman endeavours to be a representative in a new era of emerging designers, a strong voice where others cannot be heard, in a world that is sometimes reluctant to listen.


Supported by: British Bangladesh Fashion Council