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IFS 2019

Brazil - David Lee

Brazil - David Lee Photograph by Daniel Aragão

Photograph by Daniel Aragão

David Lee was born in Fortaleza, Ceará in the north east of Brazil. He was influenced by craftsmanship and fashion from very early in his life, as a child he would watch his grandmother sew. Partly self-taught, David went on to study at SENAC in Brazil and in 2017 won the GQ + Reserva New Talent award which accelerated his career. He has shown at Dragão Fashion Week since 2015, which is one of the longest running fashion weeks in Brazil. The crucial questions which emerge in his work are new masculinity and the evaluation of regional cultures which he addresses with delicacy and a refined aesthetic sense. David has a profound understanding of how clothes can mediate these questions and seeks meaning in fashion’s personal and collective histories. His silhouettes often mix tailoring and sportswear references with crochet techniques originating from Ceará, explore the relationship between the body, clothes and the natural environment.


Supported by: SENAC, Radar Consulting and the Embassy of Brazil in London