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IFS 2016


Ukraine Designer: Yana Chervinska Photographer: Yulia Zhdan

Designer: Yana Chervinska Photographer: Yulia Zhdan

Fashion School Rebels

Revolution, conflict and economic crisis have only served to further drive Ukraine’s young fashion designers. Building a modern, global fashion reputation is no easy task in a country where excessive regulation, a lack of state support and outdated fashion skills’ training mean young talent has to fight to get ahead. The designers selected for this exhibition have done just that, and now bring their collective vision of Ukraine to the international stage, helping create a future for the sector and inspiring a new generation of Ukrainian talent.


Designers include: Yasia Khomenko, Yana Chervinska, Yulia Yefimtchuk, DZHUS, Masha Reva, Lara Quint, Maria Bernar, FROLOV

Curation and exhibition design by: Masha Reva and Love Curly

Organised by: Ukrainian Fashion Week
Supported by: British Council Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Western NIS Enterprise Fund

2 February 2015

RCR Khomenko

RCR Khomenko YanaTockarchuk


2 February 2015

Yana Chervinska

Yana Chervinska Yulia Zhdan

Yulia Zhdan

2 February 2015

Yulia Yefimtchuk

Yulia Yefimtchuk Michaël Smiths

Michaël Smiths

2 February 2015


DZHUS Olga Nepravda

Olga Nepravda

2 February 2015

Masha Reva

Masha Reva Ksenia Kargina

Ksenia Kargina

2 February 2015

Lara Quint

Lara Quint Ashkan Honarvar

Ashkan Honarvar

2 February 2015

Maria Bernar

Maria Bernar Taras Muchychka Ivan Ishchenko

Taras Muchychka Ivan Ishchenko

2 February 2015


FROLOV Yuriy Yatskulich

Yuriy Yatskulich