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IFS 2016


Romania Designer: Adelina Petcan Photographer: Sergiu Doroftei

Designer: Adelina Petcan Photographer: Sergiu Doroftei

Found. Lost. Found.

‘Found. Lost. Found.’ rediscovers Romania’s cultural and storytelling heritage through an immersive installation of contemporary jewellery and video projections. The exhibition reinterprets the age-old tale of lost treasure, hidden by Romania’s ancient Dacian civilization in the face of imminent Roman invasion. The treasure and its contemporary counterparts are presented as living organisms, continuous and sedimentary, and embedded in collective memory. Here, their values transcend to one that is universal – a cultural and artistic Utopia.


Designers include: Adelina Petcan, Andreia Popescu, Ioana Ardelean, Oval by Otilia Mihalcea

Curated by: David Sandu
Exhibition design by: David Sandu and Ioana Ardelean

Organised by: Romanian Cultural Institute and Assamblage – The National Association for Contemporary Jewellery
Supported by: Unicredit Bank

1 February 2015

Maria Otilia Mihalcea / Oval

Maria Otilia Mihalcea / Oval Alexandru Paul

Alexandru Paul

1 February 2015

Adelina Petcan

Adelina Petcan

1 February 2015

Andreia Popescu

Andreia Popescu Cristian Nistor

Cristian Nistor

1 February 2015

Ioana Ardelean

Ioana Ardelean Ioana Ardelean

Ioana Ardelean