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IFS 2016

Next in Line

Next in Line Artwork: James Dawe Designer: Bodice Photographer: Prahtna Singh

Artwork: James Dawe Designer: Bodice Photographer: Prahtna Singh

Next in Line sponsored by Bonaveri

Next in Line showcases burgeoning design talent from 11 countries around the world. A platform to discover and nurture creatives from countries with diverse cultures, the result is inherently Utopian. By placing an emphasis on the varied viewpoints of contemporary Utopias from the perspective of each designer, nations separated by thousands of miles become neighbours. The garments displayed, weaving artisanal craft with modernity, inspire the visitor to explore, compare and contrast.

Curated by Shonagh Marshall


Argentina, Chain García-Bello
Bahrain, Hala Kaiksow
Georgia, Atelier Kikala
India, Bodice
Kazakhstan, Assel
Netherlands, Jef Montes
Nicaragua, MITHA by Adila Aleman
Saudi Arabia, Mashael AlRajhi
Senegal, Selly Raby Kane
South Africa, Lukhanyo Mdingi
United Arab Emirates, Bint Thani

20 January 2015


Argentina Chain Garcia-Bello

Chain Garcia-Bello

19 January 2015


Bahrain Hala Kaiksow

Hala Kaiksow

18 January 2015


Georgia Atelier Kikala

Atelier Kikala

17 January 2015


India Bodice


16 January 2015


Kazakhstan ASSEL


15 January 2015


Netherlands Jef Montes

Jef Montes

15 January 2015


Nicaragua MIHTA


14 January 2015

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Mashael Alrajhi

Mashael Alrajhi

13 January 2015


Senegal Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane

13 January 2015

South Africa

South Africa Lukhanyo Mdingi

Lukhanyo Mdingi

12 January 2015

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Bint Thani

Bint Thani