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IFS 2014


Tanzania Designer Sheria Ngowi. Courtesy of OGS Multimedia.

Designer Sheria Ngowi. Courtesy of OGS Multimedia.

Unseen Dimensions: Emerging Tanzanian Design 

Fahari: a Swahili word, symbolising a passion for prestige, splendour, magnificence, and elegance. ‘Unseen Dimensions: Emerging Tanzanian Design’ embraces the diversity of design and creativity, inspired by Tanzania’s vibrancy and zeal. Featuring a selection of work from Tanzania’s emerging fashion talent, five designers capture the essence of this dynamic country, rich in culture and heritage, through clothing design and the use of traditional textiles, combined with their unique tailoring and individual narrative. The exhibition design explores spatial alignment, movement and how the body and dress inhabit personal space, allowing room for the true ‘Fahari’ passion to radiate.

Curated by Lizzie Glendinning

13-23 FEBRUARY, 10.00-19.00

Tanzanian High Commission, 3 Stratford Place, London W1C 1AS


Sheria Ngowi

Sheria Ngowi blends modern trends with vintage looks and incorporates numerous colours to represent his African culture. 

Mija Haute Couture

Mija Sayi's fabrics are drawn from East African textiles such as Khangas, Vitenges and Vikois to create her apparel. 

House of Wellu

House of Wellu is an amalgamation of Basia’s upbringing and culture from Africa and Europe. House of Wellu is refinement and sensuality. 

Odd Is Bold

Based in Norway, Natasha Shyrose, designs womenswear and accessories using African prints and fabrics.

Manjou Msita

Majou Msita works across menswear and womenswear using traditional shapes and techniques.