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IFS 2014

Québec, Canada

Québec, Canada Quebec - Designer Jocelyn Picard - Photographer Anouk Lessard

Quebec - Designer Jocelyn Picard - Photographer Anouk Lessard

Montreal - The White Winter Fashion City

Québec is a vast land marked by winter. Itdominates life for several months each year. Quebecers have therefore learnt to combine fashion and the elements to create a stylish aesthetic. Québec’s largest city, Montréal, is the hub of the fashion industry – and one of North America’s major fashion centres. The city is a leader in all things creative and innovative, boosted by the influx of talented young people from around the world eager to make their mark in fashion and design. ‘Montreal – the White Winter Fashion City’ will showcase the work of seven of Quebec’s most exciting young designers.

13-18 FEBRUARY, 09.30–17.30
Québec Government Office, 59 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5JH

Organised by: Québec Government Office
Supported by: CCMQ (Fashion Designers’ Council of Québec)


Breed Knitting

Frédérique Sarrazin and Ariane Michard specialise in aesthetic yet practical knitwear and knitted accessories for men. 

Pedram Karimi

Born in Iran, Pedram Karimi’s designs intertwine poetry with practicality for clothes with an ultramodern look. 

Mélissa Nepton 

Mélissa Nepton creates fashion for the urban woman, revealing an accessible sophistication and a sense of fluidity. 


Crochet fan Jocelyn Picard has created his unique collection by combining traditional and avant-garde techniques. 

Anastasia Radevich 

Anastasia Radevich, of Belarus origin, uses shoes as a canvas on which she combines art, craft and technology. 


THERE ARE MANY OF US, a collaboration between Kristin Hofmann and Karl Latraverse, create practical and unique bags. 


UNTTLD is a collaboration between José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger, an open story about clothes, art and music.