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IFS 2014


Qatar © Debaj

© Debaj

Acts of Making

Acts of Making aims to challenge perceptions of the abaya and the role of women in Gulf societies by recontextualising the garment into a contemporary framework. 

The Qatar showcase reflects Roudha's commitment to women, entrepreneurship and innovation, through a celebration of Bedouin women and their vital role as maker. UK based curator Keinton Butler employs a contemporary aesthetic designed to reflect the daily practice of the three selected Qatari designers; Fathiya Al Jaber, Debaj and Pearl Design, all of whom interpret the traditional with a cutting edge approach.

Acts of Making boldly abstains from popular stereotypes often found in the representation of Qatari life, and instead celebrates a rich culture of craftmanship still present today. When exhibited alongside the humble iconography of Bedouin tradition, the richly adorned and sophisticated abaya collections create an enticing juxtaposition and a poignant introduction to Qatari culture and style. 

13-23 FEBRUARY, 10.00-18.00

180 The Strand, WC2R 1EA

Curator: Keinton Butler 
Organised by: Roudha Center
Supported by: Enterprise Qatar


Fathiya Al Jaber 


Pearl Design