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IFS 2015

Next in Line

Next in Line Lena Martorello

Lena Martorello

Supported by Bonaveri

Next in Line is a new platform introduced for the International Fashion Showcase 2015. Ten designers have been nominated by fashion institutions to represent emerging talent from their countries.

This exhibition offers a snapshot of designers from all four corners of the world at the very beginning of their careers. Curated by Lee Lapthorne, Founder and Director of On|Off, each designer is showcased in an individual installation designed by Storey Studio.

This brand new platform will ensure that the International Fashion Showcase continues to support designers at the earliest stages of their journey. We are delighted to collaborate with Lee Lapthorne and On|Off for the first time this year. Alongside the Next in Line installations, they will be screening a film of internationally scouted talent, some of whom are previous IFS participants.

“I am thrilled to be working alongside the British Fashion Council and British Council to promote and support these talented international designers. Within the fashion industry we talk about ‘newness’ and these designers that we have selected offer just that. With the return of On|Off we will once again be offering a platform for the designers of the future to showcase with no commercial constraints. This On|Off collective is proof that real innovation and artistic risk is surviving through emerging designers.”
Lee Lapthorne Founder and Director of On|Off and Doll

We would also like to thank Bonaveri who are supporters of Next in Line. Each designer’s work is shown on a Bonaveri Aloof mannequin, inspired by the fashion imagery of Avedon and Beaton and made in their factory in Italy. The Next in Line designers for the International Fashion Showcase 2015 include:

Argentina - Lena Martorello
Canada - Sid Neigum
Chile – Zurita Design Company
Lithuania - Liucija Kvašyte
Morocco - Siham El Amri
Netherlands - Anouk van Klaveren
Pakistan - Hamza Bokhari
Thailand - Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL
Trinidad and Tobago - Adrian Foster

5 February 2014


Canada Sid Neigum. Photograph by Nico Stinge.

Sid Neigum. Photograph by Nico Stinge.

1 February 2014


Argentina Lena Martorello

Lena Martorello

1 February 2014


Chile Zurita. Photograph by Daniel Gil Rodrigo.

Zurita. Photograph by Daniel Gil Rodrigo.

1 February 2014


Lithuania  Liucija Kvasyte. Photograph by Lukas Keizikas.

Liucija Kvasyte. Photograph by Lukas Keizikas.

1 February 2014


Morocco Siham El Amri

Siham El Amri

1 February 2014

The Netherlands

The Netherlands Anouk Van Klaveren. Photograph by Rik Versteeg.

Anouk Van Klaveren. Photograph by Rik Versteeg.

1 February 2014


Pakistan Hamza Bokhari

Hamza Bokhari

1 February 2014


Thailand Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL

Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL

1 February 2014

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Adrian Foster. Photographer Melvern Isaac.

Adrian Foster. Photographer Melvern Isaac.